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Episode 49: “Pretty Much Dead Already” (S2E7)Posted by Jason

Is Shane pretty much dead already because he’s a cold shell of a man? Or is Dale PMDA because he’s too weak to exist in this world? How many farmers does it take to wrangle a zombie? Why is Glenn … Continue reading

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A Theory of ZombieismPosted by Jason

For your consideration, a guest post from listener Daniel explaining an extensive theory of how zombieism could work in the¬†Walking Dead¬†universe: Hello Jason and Karen, My wife and I thought we should offer our theory about zombieism in TWD as … Continue reading

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Episode 48: “Secrets” (S2E6)Posted by Jason

Things are coming together this week as Andrea’s shooting skill improves, our heroes learn about Hershel’s secret stash of zombies in the barn, Rick finds out about Lori’s pregnancy, and Glenn gets loads of screen time. Join us as we … Continue reading

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Episode 47: “Chupacabra” (S2E5)Posted by Jason

A delightful change of pace this week as Karen and special guest David bring you their insights on the latest episode of our beloved zombie epic. Join us for that, news, listener feedback, and more. In the meantime if you’d … Continue reading

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Episode 46: “Cherokee Rose” (S2E4)Posted by Jason

For an episode with only one zombie, there was a lot to talk about this week. Join us for that, some especially good feedback from you guys, news about the show, talk about the comic, and more. By the way, … Continue reading

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