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Episode 52: Naughty Naughty ShanePosted by Jason

This week after a quick intro we do our best to give you a break from our usual lavishing of praise on Glenn, and instead devote most of the episode to discussing the various and complex aspects of Shane Walsh. … Continue reading

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Episode 51: Lauren Cohan (Maggie) InterviewPosted by Jason

Two special guests today, as longtime listener, first time co-host Gracie Lou joins me to interview the talented Lauren Cohan, a.k.a. Maggie Greene. Lauren talks about why Maggie has been so hot and cold with Glenn, what she likes most … Continue reading

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Episode 50: Greg Nicotero InterviewPosted by Jason

Karen and I had an absolute blast talking to Walking Dead zombie guru extraordinaire, Greg Nicotero! Greg tells what it was like working on classic Romero zombie films, how the Walking Dead “well zombie” was made, who has the best … Continue reading

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