Episode 53: Double TroublePosted by Jason

Happy new year Zedheads! We’re back with double the Dead ‘Cast Top 5 this episode as we present the top five places we’d want to be stranded in the zombie apocalypse and the top five things we’re most looking forward to this year.

We’ve also got the latest news about The Walking Dead, the News from Lake Zombiegone, your emails and calls, and an interview with special guest Gary Streiner who is heading up the effort to save the cemetery chapel from Night of the Living Dead.


As always, if you’d like to give us a call, you can call us at (650) 485-DEAD, or you can email us at brains@walkingdeadcast.com.

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Save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel
Frank Darabont speaks out
Sam Witwer (tank zombie) speaks out
Jaden’s Walking Dead ‘Cast theme on iTunes
Walking Dead personality test

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