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Zombies at University?Posted by JT

That’s right. Michigan State University will be offering Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse \”Catastrophes and Human Behavior\” as an online course this summer.  According to the course description, students will undertake a “catastrophic event simulation” involving a “zombie pandemic.” They … Continue reading

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Rule #1…..CARDIOPosted by JT

When the virus struck, for obvious reasons, the first ones to go were the fatties. – Columbus of Zombieland. Prepare for coming zombie apocalypse with the new Health & Fitness app Zombies, RUN! Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive game for the iPhone, … Continue reading

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Be Prepared…..Be Very Prepared.Posted by JT

Hornady Manufactoring, an ammunition manufacturer, is the latest to cash in on the zombie craze with the release of their new Zombie Max ammunition.  Made for hand guns, rifles and shotguns.  They even appear to have glow-in-the-dark tips.  Add it … Continue reading

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Juan of the DeadPosted by JT

With the success of Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and The Walking Dead, one can expect more and more zombie lore to be greenlit and come down the pipeline. I present to you a foreign zombie film, Juan of the Dead.  It’s … Continue reading

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Episode 57: “18 Miles Out” (S2E10)Posted by Jason

Big episode this week as we’re joined by listener Gracie Lou to talk about the heaviness that was “18 Miles Out.” Karen also tells us about her excursion to the Image Expo in Oakland, we announce a new contest to win … Continue reading

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Kirkman reveals the origin of the zombie outbreak!Posted by JT

You guessed it…….Aliens! At Image Expo 2012, Kirkman told the story of how Image nearly passed on The Walking Dead.  They felt it needed more of a hook to grab readers but instead Kirkman hooked them with a story of … Continue reading

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Episode 56: “Triggerfinger” (S2E9)Posted by Jason

Believe it or not our opinions on how good of an episode this week’s installment was run the gamut. Join Jason, Karen, and David as we delve into the details, give you the latest Walking Dead news, and read and … Continue reading

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The Last of UsPosted by Jason

Below is the recently released trailer for an upcoming post-apocalyptic video game, The Last of Us. It’s by developer Naughty Dog, who also did the extremely highly acclaimed Drake’s Fortune series. To me, this looks like it’s going to be … Continue reading

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Zombies of the Walking Dead PrintsPosted by Jason

Here’s a look at the zombie posters I mentioned in this week’s episode: These are limited edition and signed by special-effects guru Greg Nicotero and artist Danny Miller. Get ‘em while they’re hot! P.S. – We get no kickbacks for … Continue reading

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Own an Artifact from Night of the Living DeadPosted by Jason

A few episodes ago we had Gary Streiner on, one of the filmmakers of the original classic, Night of the Living Dead. As you might remember, the cemetery chapel that appeared in the first scene of that movie is in … Continue reading

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