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What’s in store for Season 3?Posted by JT

The cast of The Walking Dead look ahead to season 3 and predict what is in store for the survivors in this video from AMC:

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New Trailer for Telltale’s Walking Dead GamePosted by Jason

Telltale’s The Walking Dead game is looking cooler and cooler with each bit of news that comes out. I can’t wait to play it! Five gaks! Today they released this trailer showing actual gameplay for the first time:

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Casting NewsPosted by JT

We were just given her backstory in the zombie apocalypse and her casting was announced on the Season 2 finale of The Talking Dead.  It is actress and award-winning playwright Danai Gurira cast to play Michonne.

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The return of Merle DixonPosted by JT

During a panel for the zombie-centric video game “Lollipop Chainsaw,” Michael Rooker announced his return for season 3.  He also added that he had to lose 20 lbs. Wonder what that’s about.  Look for the official announcement on Sunday night’s Talking … Continue reading

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Wonder what T-Dog’s been up to?Posted by JT

He’ll never tell. So now you can vote what you think T-Dog has been spending his time in Season 2 with this poll from

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The Telltale TrailerPosted by JT

The teaser trailer for Telltale’s The Walking Dead game has been released.  Not on the same level as the Dead Island trailer but still gives off that eerie feeling you’d expect from The Walking Dead.

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The Season 2 Finale Drinking GamePosted by JT

Play along: “The Walking Dead” Season 2 Finale Drinking Game Take a sip every time Lori yells Rick’s name Chug every time Carl wanders off on his own Cheers at any reference to Dale’s death Take a sip any time … Continue reading

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Alas, poor Randall. We hardly knew ye.Posted by JT

Unless AMC does a web series of Randall’s background, I think we’ve seen the last of Michael Zegen.  He talks about his experience on the show.

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T-Dog Doesn’t Say Much but IronE Has Alot to SayPosted by JT

T-Dog hasn’t had much in the way of speaking parts this season but IronE Singleton surely has much to say about T-Dog, the show and himself. Check it Out

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Get to Know Michonne in PlayboyPosted by JT

We’re finally getting the origin story on the sword swinging bad-ass, Michonne.  The 6-page backstory will be released on Friday in Playboy magazine.  That’s right, Playboy magazine.  Leave it Kirkman to have comic book geeks buying Playboy.  On the other hand … Continue reading

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