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Another Max Brooks Idea Becomes a MoviePosted by JT

David Leslie Johnson (writer of The Walking Dead episodes, Triggerfinger and Chupacabra) will be scripting a new thriller titled Devolution based on an idea from World War Z’s author, Max Brooks.  It’s to be directed by Lost director, Jack Bender.  It’s a … Continue reading

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The Other Shoe Never DroppedPosted by JT

Kirkman discusses the whole story of how the show went from idea to reality.  So it turns out that Kirkman (ever the pessimist) never thought the show would be the hit that it is.  When it comes to TV, you … Continue reading

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Blow Out the Candles and Make A WishPosted by JT

Check out this awesome Walking Dead themed birthday cake a fan made for her husband.  Fantastic detail. Flickr Gallery

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Regarding CarlPosted by JT

Glen Mazzara sat down with other showrunners “Justified”, “New Girl”, “Homeland” and “Breaking Bad” and talked writing with LA Times. On Carl: “We had a debate about the young boy, Carl. And everyone wants to know why Carl’s not in the house. … Continue reading

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Episode 66: Not in the FacePosted by Jason

It’s been a grim week in Lake Zombiegone, and we report all the latest news on heart eating, face chewing, testicle frying and the like, along with our usual fare; news about The Walking Dead, listener moans, groans, and grunts, … Continue reading

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Give Merle a HandPosted by JT released the first official season 3 photo of Daryl’s big brother, Merle Dixon. I’m willing to bet that that arm accessory contains either a weapon, drugs or alcohol.

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Kirkman designs zombie-proof HyundaiPosted by JT

To further promote the 100th issue of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman has teamed up with Hyundai to design a zombie-proof Elantra Coupe that will be on display at Comic-Con.  Hopefully we’ve seen the last of Shane’s little green Tucson.  … Continue reading

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On the Set w/ Season 3 Premiere Director Ernest DickersonPosted by JT

“There’s no such thing as easy in the world of The Walking Dead.” In latest on the set interview, we have the director of the season 3 premiere Ernest Dickerson.

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Lindelof hired to fix World War ZPosted by JT

Eventhough World War Z (the Brad Pitt zombie movie based on the Max Brooks book) finished filming last year, Damon Lindelof has been hired to rewrite its ending.  That would explain why the film’s release was pushed back 6 months.

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On Set w/ Location Manager Mike RileyPosted by JT

Another installment in the on the set series of interviews with cast and crew.  The latest is with Location Manager Mike Riley. Much like an actual zombie apocalypse, his biggest problem is people.  Specifically, the writers. Q: What’s been the … Continue reading

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