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Mazzara On Season 3 So FarPosted by JT

Glen Mazzara describes the decision making that went into some of the big surprises and controversies of the season, assess the storyline so far and to offer some hints about what lies ahead. Caution, spoilers ahead.

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‘We’ll All Die Eventually’Posted by JT

With only one episode to go before the mid-season finale, Laurie Holden talks about Andrea’s journey this season, her time in The Governor’s bed and what it will mean when Rick rolls into town!

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The Go-To GuyPosted by JT

In the zombie apocalypse, you want Daryl Dixon on your side. He’s become one of the series’ most interesting characters, thanks to Reedus’ portrayal.  But just how much of Norman is there in Daryl?  More on that Activision game starring the … Continue reading

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A Walking Dead Writer’s #1 FearPosted by JT

As a fan of the comics, what is writer Scott M. Gimple’s #1 fear?  Find out how he felt writing some the biggest turning points of the second season.

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Kirkman Among 25 Most Powerful AuthorsPosted by JT

Robert Kikrman ranked 6th amongst The Hollywood Reporter’s list of Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Authors.

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Banned Zombie CommercialPosted by JT

So it’s the zombie apocalypse, and your neighborhood is being overrun. Quick, grab your… sporting goods? Before the zombies attack you with… golf balls? Then run for the nearest… stadium? This Norwegian commercial doesn’t make any sense, but it was … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Baby RegistryPosted by JT

Baby Judith finally has a name.  Now it’s time to throw this little one a baby shower of sorts. Spending your first days in a prison cell without your mother, surrounded by a smelly gang of survivors and zombies, is … Continue reading

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Zombie Bikini CalendarPosted by JT

The Walking Dead comic has spawned many tie-ins and spinoffs—a TV show, a videogame, toys, busts and now … a swimsuit calendar. (PDF File) It was a South African ad agency that saw the not-so-obvious draw in putting zombies in bikinis. … Continue reading

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A Real Jim Jones TypePosted by JT

David Morrissey had an interesting take on that scene with Maggie.  He tries to make you see things the Governor’s way. “The Governor certainly reveals more of himself in the scene with Maggie. I felt you could see that the Governor … Continue reading

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