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Comic Tracker DiagramPosted by JT

Take a look at this great diagram that tracks the characters, locales and events through the 100th issue of the comic. [COMIC SPOILERS]

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Showrunners Support MazzaraPosted by JT

Fellow showrunners Kurt Sutter and Shawn Ryan blasted AMC for the shocking move in this TV Guide article.  Both worked with Mazzara on The Shield.

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Good News and Bad NewsPosted by JT

The good news? AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a fourth season. The bad news? Showrunner Glen Mazzara is stepping down.  Read what AMC, Mazzara and Kirkman have to say in this ZimBio article.

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Regarding Glen MazzaraPosted by Jason

So I’m sure you’ve heard that Glen Mazzara is leaving our show. Apparently it’s because of a disagreement with AMC about the future direction. My first reaction to this: Mazzara has proven he knows how to make a kick-ass zombie … Continue reading

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Episode 87: Charlie Adlard, Plus SillinessPosted by Jason

Always enjoyable to speak with Walking Dead illustrator Charlie Adlard. After some pleasant chit chat about Charlie’s awesome prog rock band the Cosmic Rays and a sample of their work, we get into the nitty gritty. Find out what it’s been … Continue reading

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Upcoming ConsPosted by JT

Daily Dead has posted a compiled list of the upcoming 2013 Walking Dead convention circuit.

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Episode 86: Glen Mazzara InterviewPosted by Jason

Another great in-depth interview with Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara this episode. Glen talks about how he listens to and interacts with the fans, the importance of showing the characters in TWD striving to have lives worth living, how some … Continue reading

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Episode 85: Sang Kyu Kim InterviewPosted by Jason

To shake things up a little I invited A.Ron from the Watching Dead podcast to come on and help me interview special guest Sang Kyu Kim, writer of S3E4 “The Killer Within,” T-Dog and Lori’s momentous death episode. Find out … Continue reading

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Danai Gurira Interview TranscriptPosted by JT

Comic Book Resources published the transcript of our interview with Danai Gurira.

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Spokesman Confirms Season 4Posted by JT

By way of The Citizen, Stalwart Films spokesman Mike Riley made the announcement that The Walking Dead will be returning to Senoia and Coweta County for its fourth season.

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