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Episode 94: “I Ain’t a Judas” (S3E11)Posted by Jason

Yes, we thought this week’s episode was on the quieter side. And maybe there wasn’t a lot of plot advancement. And we thought it was great! Listen to find out why. Also, lots of great feedback from you guys and … Continue reading

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Tough ChoicesPosted by JT

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Robert Kirkman to discuss why Andrea couldn’t do the deed, if she really made her choice between the two camps and how Tyreese’s arrival in Woodbury could factor into the impending conflict. Vulture spoke … Continue reading

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Prepare For BattlePosted by JT

Norman Reedus sat down with E! News to tease what fans can expect from the rest of this season and reveals the craziest gifts he’s receiving from fans.   Amerisleep’s infographic guide offers tips for sleeping safely in a zombie … Continue reading

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Mind BlowingPosted by JT

According to what Access Hollywood was told by Laurie Holden, your mind is going to explode from next week’s episode, “I Ain’t A Judas”.  She also tries to defend Andrea’s questionable choices this season.

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Episode 93: Steven Yeun (Glenn) InterviewPosted by Jason

We couldn’t be more pleased to present this latest interview with the gracious and talented Steven Yeun. It was great talking with him about how Glenn has changed over the course of the series, what his mindset is in recent … Continue reading

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Episode 92: Nichole Beattie InterviewPosted by Jason

My thanks to Nichole Beattie, writer of this week’s Walking Dead episode (S3E10 “Home”), for another great interview. Listen and find out how she writes the action scenes in TWD, what exactly is going on between Glenn and Maggie, how … Continue reading

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Turning Seeds Into TreesPosted by JT

Norman Reedus tells AMC about making Daryl his own, threatens to beat the crap out of Chandler Riggs and how worried he is Daryl could be the next one to go.      

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Episode 91: “Home” (S3E10)Posted by Jason

We’re relieved to have totally dug this week’s episode of TWD and we hope you liked it as much as we did. Listen as we go over the episode, report the news, read a ton of your feedback, and be … Continue reading

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Can’t Go Home AgainPosted by JT

Lew Temple gives exclusive interviews to Daily Dead and Entertainment Weekly about his final episode of the season.  Glen Mazzara discusses the latest ‘edge of your seat’ ending with Entertainment Weekly.

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Happy Valentine’s Day My JnyPosted by Jason


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