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Episode 107: A Cast of PodsPosted by Jason

Special guests Mr. Blahg and David join Karen and me to give you spoiler-free reviews of World War Z, Last of Us, In the Flesh, and a luxuriously long and spoilerific analysis of the recently wrapped season three of Game … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit HolePosted by JT

Andrew Lincoln tells Deadline’s Awards Line if he thinks Emmy voters can overcome the usual genre bias and give The Walking Dead consideration and opens up about how he approached Rick’s breakdown.

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Take It to the HeadPosted by JT

Head shots are all the rage when it comes to killing zombies.  So the folks at Screen Junkies have put together a clip from footage from Zombieland, The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, The Beyond and everything in … Continue reading

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Credit or DeaditPosted by JT

The Hollywood Reporter reports Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics imprint Skybound has partnered with for prepaid Visa debit cards depicting the popular characters that feature art from series artist Charlie Adlard. Andrew Lincoln doesn’t worry about awards and talks Rick’s struggles … Continue reading

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400 Days of SummerPosted by JT

Sony began their E3 press conference with the reveal that a brand new episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead game series is headed our way this summer, The Walking Dead: 400 Days. The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a new … Continue reading

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Roadblocks and Death ThreatsPosted by JT

The Hollywood Reporter has Walking Dead executive producers discussing the early roadblocks for the series/comic and getting death threats after killing off characters at the 5th Annual Produced By Conference.     Walking Dead website has the first wave of … Continue reading

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You’re the Best AroundPosted by JT

Greg Nicotero says season 4 of The Walking Dead will be the best yet in the latest AMC production video.  He describes the first episode as “bigger than any script I’ve ever done  before,” before teasing, “We have some new … Continue reading

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Walking Dead is #1 Scripted SeriesPosted by JT has Norman Reedus talking Season 4 with InsideTV Podcast A Walking Dead slot machine is in the works for a fall release to coincide with the 4th season.  (Vegas INC) MTV gives you a look at all three character … Continue reading

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Episode 106: The End! (Hypothetically)Posted by Jason

Thanks to listener Kenny for the idea to give you the top five ways we hope The Walking Dead ends (and for joining us this episode to do just that). Also, we spend a luxuriously long intro going over the latest in … Continue reading

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Gale Ann Hurd From the SetPosted by JT

Gale Ann Hurd talked about what to expect from Season 4′s walkers and the challenges of producing The Walking Dead in AMC’s latest “Dispatches from the Set”. Telltale Games teases new Walking Dead content (GameSpot)

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