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I’m going to start this week’s recapitation with an open letter to Tyreese:

Dear Tyreese;

You. Are. Killing Me. It’s been quite a while since the world has gone to shit but somehow you’re still not ready for it. It’s like you’re new here or something. Even the kids are tougher than you. Carl is wearing a dead hitchhiker’s backpack, Lizzy was about to stab her own dad in the head, Beth shut off all emotions and didn’t shed a tear when her boyfriend died, but somehow, you’re still not equipped for this world. Sure, your stature may say otherwise but I’m just waiting for you to go into quarantine with the “vulnerable.” Please let your crazy, hammer wielding through a herd of walkers way make you ready to take on the rest of the days remaining in Season 4.

Kindest regards,

Now that that is out of the way, let’s recap.

We start this week where we left off last time: Tyreese is out with the charred bodies of David and Karen, but is now joined by Rick, Daryl and Carol. He’s rightly furious and demands that whoever did this be brought to him to receive justice. Rick and Daryl try to talk with him and, naturally, the best response is to sock Rick in the face. Rick wins the fight and leaves Tyreese with a swollen eye. Rick gets bandaged up by Hershel and I wonder if this a sign of things to come (wink wink, comic readers)?

More and more are getting sick: Sasha (who has never heard of a vampire cough), Dr. S, Glenn, Lizzy and the rest of the D block residents.  At the counsel meeting quarantine is put into effect. Tyreese frantically digs a grave for Karen and Daryl and Michonne get ready to go on their long run for antibiotics. Bob joins them but they decide they need one more. Hershel is tending to the sick, Glenn is one of the sick and Rick is sticking with Carl and Lil’ Ass Kicker. Tyreese joins them but not before asking Carol if she will keep an eye on Sasha so she doesn’t meet the same fate. Carol gets upset and dumps all that hard-earned water everywhere. My roommate immediately says, “Carol did it.”

Hershel is back in the quarantined ward and sips from a mug that says “Java saves”. If only. A lightbulb goes off and java might not save, but elderberry tea will keep the sickness at bay. Carl won’t “let” him leave by himself so he escorts Hershel into the woods, sheriff hat on head. As Hershel collects the elderberries, Carl prepares to shoot a walker. Hershel stops him from taking a step back from his progress and Carl notes that it can’t be peaceful all the time. Emotionless Beth has quarantined herself with Judith. Maggie seeks solace from her since Glenn is sick and all Beth can say is what Hershel used to tell them; that they have jobs to do. She’s going to crack soon.

Out on the run, Daryl and Michonne talk about her excursions. She had mentioned that she’s not running off but Daryl reminds her the Governor’s trail has gone cold. Daryl is distracted by a possible voice over the radio and swerves to not hit a walker. They eventually run into a herd and need to reverse, setting us up for the mountain of walker heads splattering all over the road. They ditch the car and Tyreese sulks in the backseat. He finally gets out and is taken over. He’s a goner for sure. Daryl, Michonne and Bob take off and are startled by a noise in the woods. Walkers come out and you can read the disappointment on their faces until Tyreese finally grows a set and hammers his way out.

Back at the prison, Rick investigates the bloody trail from the cells. He notices some blood on the door and I can’t figure out how he ties this to Carol. He spots Carol working on the clogged water hose and I admire the contraption keeping the walkers occupied. They soon notice Carol and start to go for her. Rick sees this, saves her and then scolds her since they were supposed to wait to unclog the hose.

Inside, Dr. S is getting sicker. Hershel brings him the tea and the doctor coughs blood all over Hershel’s masked face. Hershel removes his mask and cleans off the blood. This can’t be good. He visits with Glenn and Beth was right. Hershel tells him that they all have jobs to do and Glenn’s is believing he will get better.

Out in the courtyard, Carol appears remorseful and guilty. Rick tells her that she sacrifices a lot for the group. He’s figured it out. He asks if she is the one who burned Karen and David. She says yes and my roommate was right.

Was Carol right in what she did? How is Tyreese going to react?  Are we going to have to say goodbye to Glenn? Leave your thoughts on facebook.com/deadcast.

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