Episode 132: “After” (S4E9)Posted by Jason

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.15.35 AMIn the aftermath of all the carnage at the prison, we were thrilled to see TWD find it’s way back to the quiet, measured, dreamlike feel of the series pilot in this coming-of-age episode. At least, that’s our opinion. Listen in and see if you agree.

Also this episode we announce the winner of our Walking Dead Hawaii poster contest, and you can also find out how to win a three-day pass to the quickly approaching Walker Stalker Con in Chicago (Mar 14-16). Also we have the introduction of Gracie Lou and Mr. Blahg as hosts of Comic Talk, their analysis of how this episode was similar and different to the comic, some news, information about next week’s episode, and some fantastic messages from you guys!

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