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Wrong People to Mess WithPosted by JT

Walking Dead Official’s post mortem on the finale with Robert Kirkman and panel to screen comparison (COMIC SPOILERS). The Hollywood Reporter’s season 4 finale coverage with Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman and news on cast promotions. Inside 4.16 A Making … Continue reading

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Who Will Survive?Posted by JT

Andrew Lincoln talks to the New York Post about the season 4 finale. Norman Reedus takes Entertainment’s Weekly Pop Culture test. Scott Gimple talks to Forbes about the creation of “The Grove” and about life in the writer’s room, spoilerphobia, and … Continue reading

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Push It to the LimitPosted by JT

Robert Kirkman talks to Entertainment Weekly and warns that Rick Grimes will be pushed to his limit. Norman Reedus talks to The Hollywood Reporter and breaks down Daryl and Beth’s epic journey. Entertainment Tonight get to know more about Josh … Continue reading

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Episode 141: “Us” (S4E15)Posted by Jason

Join us with special guest Melissa Hutchison, aka the voice of Clementine in Telltale’s acclaimed The Walking Dead video game series (and all-around fabulous person) as we discuss this week’s episode. Also Melissa answers all your questions, and learn how you … Continue reading

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Raelynn’s Recapitations: “Us” (S4E15)Posted by Jason

This penultimate episode was chock full of information but a bit lacking on the action side… just a whole lotta walking and an episode that jumps between groups. We open with Eugene, Glenn, Tara, Abraham and Rosita still on foot … Continue reading

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People Like UsPosted by JT

Greg Nicotero talks Terminus and what’s ahead with The Hollywood Reporter. Robert Kirkman’s post-mortem on “Us” with Walking Dead Official. Inside 4.15 “Us” Making Of 4.15 “Us” Sneak Peek 4.16 “A”

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Beer Nuts and Deer NutsPosted by JT

Melissa McBride talks to Access Hollywood and explains why “The Grove” was the most difficult for her to shoot.  She talks about Carol’s devastating decision with Entertainment Weekly. Scott Gimple dives deep into “The Grove” with Entertainment Weekly. TV Guide … Continue reading

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Mr. Blahg Talks “Us” (S4E15)Posted by Mr. Blahg

Find a cure? Save the world? Naw… let’s find my wife instead.   The loose threads that have made up the entirety of the back half of season four are finally merging back together, and in Us, the penultimate episode before … Continue reading

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No One Is SafePosted by JT

E! Online highlights Robert Kirkman’s answers to fan questions during a Reddit AMA, most notably that season 4 will have a savage finale and no one is safe.  Ad Week and Inquisitr do the same. Lawrence Gilliard Jr. talks about … Continue reading

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Episode 140: Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie)Posted by Jason

Our complete pleasure to talk with the talented Brighton Sharbino, a.k.a. Lizzie Samuels, this episode. Brighton was fun and articulate and not at all crazy :) Listen to find out how she got the part of Lizzie, her take on … Continue reading

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