Push It to the LimitPosted by JT

glenn-who-will-arriveRobert Kirkman talks to Entertainment Weekly and warns that Rick Grimes will be pushed to his limit.

Norman Reedus talks to The Hollywood Reporter and breaks down Daryl and Beth’s epic journey.

Entertainment Tonight get to know more about Josh McDermitt.  He talks to AMC about modeling his character on a close family member and the secret truth about his mullet.

Daily Dead shares an early look at the 3rd series of The Walking Dead Comic action figures from Macfarlane Toys and news about the companion series.

Huffington Post shares pictures from a DeviantART user of Disney princesses and princes getting Walking Dead makeovers.

Fox News shares news of a Philadelphia brewing company releasing a new beer with real goat brains to coincide with the season finale of The Walking Dead.


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