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Robert Kirkman talks about changes to The Waking Dead on Sundance’s “The Writer’s Room” and discusses the practical impossibility of one comic event happening on the show. (Comic Book Resources)

Norman Reedus says season 5 will be ‘completely insane’ talking to Entertainment Weekly.  EW also shares news of SyFy developing Clone, a Robert Kirkman produced comic.

Zap2It talked to Greg Nicotero about intentionally making the storyline unclear in the finale.

Fox Sports shares news of Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks partnering with The Walking Dead creators and hosting “Zombie Night” complete with a gallery of the players as zombies.

Walking Dead Official shares news of a crazy promotion for the beginning of The Walking Dead show’s 4th Season in Portugal, where fans could donate their blood… as currency.  They also share teaser pics from Telltale’s Walking Dead Episode 2.03

Scott Gimple’s interview with Larry King on Larry King Now talking about how long the series can last.
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