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Episode 175: “Forget” (S5E13)Posted by Jason

In this episode our poor Alexandrians are accosted by sneaky, lying psychopaths stealing their weapons, shooting up their family photos, and threatening their children…. from a certain point of view. Listen as we give you OUR point of view, cover the … Continue reading

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We Brought DinnerPosted by JT

Greg Nicotero Talks About the Beard, the Cardigan, and the Season Finale with Yahoo TV. Norman Reedus stopped by the Entertainment Tonight studio to show off his crossbow skills and participated in our rapid-fire Twitterview where he answered five burning questions.  He explained … Continue reading

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Episode 174: “Remember” (S5E12)Posted by Jason

It’s just me and Karen this week, back to basics, as Rick and company come back to civilization. We really dug this episode and had a blast talking it over.  And as you comic readers know, Mr. Blahg and Grace had … Continue reading

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