Game of Microphones is Live on iTunes!Posted by Jason

It’s official, we’re up on iTunes with our brand new Game of Thrones podcast! You can find it at

GoMI’m really proud to be doing this podcast. Karen, David, Grace, Mr. Blahg, and I have all been huge fans of GoT since the beginning, and we hope all you WD crossover fans will follow us over there and give us a try.

It won’t be exactly the same as Walking Dead ‘Cast. Once we get going with the season 5 episodes, it’ll be a rotating set of hosts, three per episode. And we think it’ll have that same combination of fun and serious geekitude that we bring to WDC and Under the Comic Covers. Just as with those two podcasts, we want to celebrate and help enhance your experience of something we all love.

The first episode, featuring me (Jason), Karen, and Grace will be up next Tuesday morning, talking GoT S5E1. In the meantime, our first two episodes are already up, covering seasons 1-3, and we’ll be uploading a couple more this week to help get you caught up and amped up for the new season.

If you want to send us a message you can reach us at (813) 563-3739 (that’s (813) JOFFREY, of course) or you can email us at

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