Roooaaa? Uuuuuuh.


And furthermore, The Walking Dead ‘Cast is a podcast dedicated to the hit AMC TV show, The Walking Dead (surprise!), based on Robert Kirkman’s long-running and excellent comic book series. We also cover the latest zombie news around the world and other topics related to the undead. The Walking Dead ‘Cast is hosted by Jason and Karen, two zombies. I mean, zombie fans.

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We do this not for any monetary gain, but as a labor of love. If you like what we’re doing, we especially appreciate getting reviews (or even just ratings) and subscriptions in iTunes.

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About Jason
Jason has a long-held and vague childhood memory of teenagers stepping gingerly out of a church, creeping into the dark woods, naively believing they might be safe, only to be encircled and then engulfed by shambling rotted corpses, arms outstretched. It was on TV. You can ask him about it at jason@walkingdeadcast.com.

About Karen
Karen is among the living in Oakland, CA.  She thinks the following things are true: 1) learning to play the guitar is harder than you think, 2) the San Jose Sharks will win the Stanley Cup…some day, 3) television is not evil - in fact, it can be delightfully entertaining, and 4) her cat is probably delicious. Karen can be reached at karen@walkingdeadcast.com.

You can send feedback, comments, questions, musings, and/or disgusting zombie noises by calling 650.485.DEAD (3323) or emailing brains@walkingdeadcast.com.

We give special thanks and appreciation to:

Nathan Melsted for contributing our intro and closing music. If you like the closing piece, called Music for Me, you can pick it up on iTunes, at Amazon.com, or at eMusic.

Caleb Stoddard for patiently creating the above sketches while fending off our attacks.

Jason Taylor for scouring the web for the latest news about The Walking Dead and zombies in general, and posting it here for your reading pleasure.

Jaden Walker for donating cool electronic musical landscapes and for doing the insightful Comic Talk section. Look for Jaden @theeternal and his music on CDBaby.

Mike Steffler for creating our new gruesomely beautiful site banner, fresh for season 3.

Brittany Duke for keeping us up-to-date and relevant by making and maintaining our tumblr page.

And thanks to You for listening.