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Mr. Blahg Talks “Live Bait” (S4E6)Posted by Jason

Live Bait, the first of what will apparently be two Governor-centric episodes, will probably be an extremely divisive hour of television.  On one hand, you have viewers who disliked the Governor from the get-go last season, or at least believed … Continue reading

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Mr. Blahg Talks Posthumous, by David S.E. ZapantaPosted by Jason

Posthumous, by David S. E. Zapanta Posthumous, the first book in what will ultimately be The Cababra Rasa Series of novels by David S.E. Zapanta, is one of the most original and creative takes on the zombie genre I have ever had … Continue reading

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Mr. Blahg on Walker Stalker ConPosted by Jason

This past weekend, Atlanta was host to Walker Stalker Con, a convention dedicated to zombies, horror, more zombies, sci-fi, a few more zombies, and ultimately, The Walking Dead.  The brain child of Nashville resident Eric Nordhoff and his neighbor James Frazier of … Continue reading

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