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the-walking-dead-descentEntertainment Weekly has news of Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga teaming up again for another four books in the series.

Robert Kirkman tells MTV what character is a 99% lock to appear on the TV show.

Danai Gurira previews an intense season 5 with Access Hollywood.

GB Posters infographic on the season 4 kill count.

Will the new zombie drama SyFy ordered from the producers of Sharknado rival The Walking Dead? (Deadline)

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the-walking-dead-season-5-poster-amcRobert Kirkman and Scott Gimple go postmortem on the finale with TV Guide.  Kirkman shares Terminus intel with TV Line.

Andrew Lincoln promises to rain hell talking to Entertainment Weekly and talks about some scenes with Access Hollywood.

Josh McDermitt talks the role of a lifetime with ABC News.  He talked to about the show and which app could help him survive the zombie apocalypse.  He talked about the comedy of Eugene Porter.

Daily Dead transcribed our interview with Brighton Sharbino.

August 26th.  The Season 4 Blu-ray & DVD release date is announced. (Daily Dead)

Trick or Treat Studios reveal their RV Screwdriver Walker mask for pre-order.

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Posted by Mr. Blahg

Huh… it really did taste like chicken… go figure

There are many ways that a person can become consumed in the zombie apocalypse; the obvious literal consumption by the undead, but there is also the notion of having your mental state consumed by grief, by guilt, by confusion… and The Walking Dead has often been very deft in showing us many of the ways a person can unravel and become something they never thought they could become.  This season, the question that has hung over our survivors like a black cloud is the question of whether or not a person can come back from having been consumed in one way or another, and the answer isn’t as simple as a binary yes or no, and Rick has become the manifestation of that answer… yes you can come back, but you won’t return the same.

In “A”, the fourth season finale, we get bookended views of Rick’s journey throughout the season via the use of flashbacks elucidating how he went from the crazed killing machine we knew at the end of the third season to the pacifist farmer trying to do right by his son.  It took that calming of his inner demons to better understand the necessity of embracing those very demons and how to not allow them to consume you, but to utilize those darker elements within him to keep those he loves safe.

Now listen close Carl, I’m going to show you a
metaphor for what Glenn fell for… we’ll do it differently.


There has been absolutely no better example of how far he will go to keep Carl and his friends safe than his encounter with Joe and the Claimers (has a band picked up that name yet?).  By doing what he needed to do to prevent his boy from being brutally raped, to prevent his and his friends’ death, to prevent evil from reigning supreme in a lawless world filled with chaos and horrors unimaginable in our comfortable and stable lives, Rick Grimes will do what it takes and has now come to terms with the level of savagery needed… and to not allow it to consume him.  In fact, he took that literal route and found himself consuming Joe, fighting fire with fire.

It’s almost like a bad Yakov Smirnoff joke… “In Soviet Union, zombie apocalypse consumes the hero… In America, the hero consumes you.”

I’ve said if before, and I will say it again… the best way to view The Walking Dead is to see it from a top down approach, to understand that individual episodes are but parts of the whole, and it is often the whole of the season that will eventually gel into a larger thematic arc.  It’s easy for me, or for any critic of the show, to bitch about this detail within an episode or complain about how much time is being devoted to this or to that… but it takes time and eventual perspective to understand how all of those pieces fit into the larger scale, and this season The Walking Dead has finally created something both straightforward in it’s motives and remarkably complex in how each of it’s pieces fit together over time.  From the idyllic conditions created by our survivors in the prison, to the outbreak of a chaotic disease, to the collapse of their home at the hands of a madman, to the unraveling of community as the group was disperse into the wilderness to fend for themselves… we’ve seen our heroes endure not one, but multiple challenges with varied results… and thematically they have been tied together with the question posed in the first episode of the season by Clara… can you come back?

Pssst… Michonne… please tell me that’s a gun he has
pressed against my head. I don’t want to look.


In the second season, Shane told Lori that Rick wasn’t built for this world.  At the time, that was probably true… but having endured in ways that Shane never could, Rick has shown that not only is he built for this world, but he can retain his humanity (the overall theme of the third season) while matching the brutality surrounding him… and that is how you come back… you embrace the world you live in.

The action with Joe’s gang was stupendous… possibly one of the few times I’ve ever leaped to my feet in anticipation and excitement over a television show, and as a comic reader I was elated as this was a story ripped straight from the books (and I can be heard discussing those points on mine and Grace’s Comic Talk segment onThe Walking Dead’Cast)… but it is the story of Terminus that delivers the most meat to chew on as the show heads into its fifth season.

All of our survivors are heading towards Terminus, and each group approaches this beacon of hope very differently.  Glenn’s group from the previous episode sauntered right in, filled with hope and the desire for that shattered community… Rick takes a more cautious tack, showing that they have learned from previous mistakes.  First, taking a less direct route, then watching for a while to see if anything was off, burying a cache of weapons in the event they may need them later (which they most certainly will), and finally going through the back door.  Like Rick says to Gareth on their first meeting, he wanted to see them before they saw him.

Our dispersed heroes are now partially reunited, with the exception of Tyreese, Carol, Judith, and Beth, but are being held captive by what I believe can be safely assumed to be a group of cannibals.  Sure, some folks have their doubts, but I see no question in this.  Not only have we seen an incredible amount of foreshadowing in previous episodes (all of the paintings that Michonne and Carl were looking at in that house in Claimed were clues: the woman who looks like Mary, the sunflowers, a dog that looked like the dog Daryl met, plus that giant grill that Mary is working over with quite a bit of meat), but as our group was being herded via sniper fire, they were herded past a pile of stripped human bones on a tarp, they ran past another train car with screaming people inside, Glenn and Abe’s Army were being fed powdered milk (refrigeration is an issue in the ZA, so they would have to “farm” parts as needed… keep the victim alive, but take their legs, arms, etc.), and my favorite little tidbit… even though Gareth knew everyone’s names, he referred to them as, “ringleader, archer, samurai, and kid”.  Just as Rick taught Carl at the beginning of the season with the pigs… don’t name your food, you will get attached and be unable to consume them… Gareth makes a point of not giving them names for others to hear.

Daryl makes sure no one can see him before reaching
down and stealing the stuffed lion. It’s just too cute to pass up.


But if there is one single moment that not only defines what this episode meant for me, and points to the future direction the show will take, it is that final line by Rick, “They are screwing with the wrong people” (in the comic it’s, “They are fucking with the wrong people”, way more effective… but… TV).  And for as bad-ass as that line is, it’s not the dialogue that sells it… it’s the fact that in a seemingly impossible position, Rick no longer fears others, he knows that he is the one to fear because he has now embraced what he has become and what he is willing to do.  To borrow a phrase from Breaking Bad, Rick Grimes is the one who knocks.

Now that the fourth season is wrapped, and Scott Gimple has shown himself to be a master story teller, we must wait until October for the return of The Walking Dead.  How will Rick survive the Terminus cannibals, and who will not make it out alive?  Who will be served on a plate?  Will Tyreese and Carol arrive in time to save the day?  Will Beth ever be seen again… or is she, like Daryl said, simply gone?

I am very eager to see what will be coming next and how the future arcs will play out… this season has been my favorite season thus far, I can’t wait to see if Gimple and company can top it.  I’m guessing they can.  What do you think?

To serve man?  It’s a cookbook!
Cornelius J. Blahg

Mr. Blahg’s fine purveyances of ye olde poppycock, including this very post and so much more, can be found at

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Episode 143: Scott GimplePosted by Jason

photo__1_Join me this episode for a fascinating season four post-mortem (if you will) with none other than the Walking Dead showrunner himself, Mr. Scott Gimple.

Listen and find out:

  • What the writers’ goals are when creating the show.
  • Scott’s thoughts on the comic vs. the show.
  • Behind-the-scenes info on the making of this season.
  • A few hints about what to expect in season five.
  • And much more!

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Episode 142: “A” (S4E16)Posted by Jason

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.25.16 AMLike most of you, Karen and I were shocked, disturbed, and thrilled by this episode. Join us for a huge season-ending podcast as we thoroughly go over “A.” Also in this ep, we:

  • Interview documentary filmmaker Cris Macht who’s making a movie about Walking Dead fans like you and me. Search for “Walkers Among Us” to learn more and lend your support.
  • Announce the winner of the First My Family Walking Dead Survival Kit contest (If you didn’t win and you want one, you can get a one- or two-person version from
  • Get the ins and outs of how the comic compares to this ep in Comic Talk with Mr. Blahg and Gracie Lou.
  • And respond to some of your most enthusiastic and interesting feedback yet.

We’ve had a great season podcasting about The Walking Dead and we’ve loved all the interaction from you guys (and just that you’re listening at all). If you haven’t gotten a chance yet and you like what we’ve been doing, please find us on iTunes at and leave us a rating or a review. Thank you!

We thank Fracture for their support this season. Fracture is having a big Spring Sale right now, so go to and enter promo code “SPRING2014″ for 30% off your order!

Finally, join us in a few days for an interview with the big man himself, WD showrunner Scott Gimple, and then stick around over the break for biweekly podcasts about zombies, horror, pop culture, and other shenanigans.

Don’t get bit! By anyone!

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Raelynn’s Recapitations: “A” (S4E16)Posted by Jason

Any other week that was lacking in the action department was made up for in this episode. I was actually sweaty and nauseous, so to me that is a job well done.

This episode was filled with flashbacks showing Rick in his simpler time – farmer phase. They really emphasized his roller coaster transformation. Rick has just gotten back from a run and takes over killing walkers at the fence. In the next scene, his face is covered in blood and he’s slumped against a car looking distraught. My money was on Carl dying tonight so at this point, I was convinced and eager to see how it was going to play out.

Rewind a little earlier and Rick, Carl and Michonne are comparing hungry scales: Michonne – 28 and Carl – 15. So Rick loses? He’s about to teach them how to check the snares and set a trap when Carl asks if, when they arrive at Terminus, will they tell them about the things that they have done? Before we can get into it, Carl hears a man screaming and takes off. Rick and Michonne chase after him and some poor lad is about to be torn apart by walkers. They don’t explain who is he or even give clues to where he’s from. Rick just decides they can’t help and they head back to the train tracks.

Flashback to prison time and Hershel wakes up Rick because he needs his help, telling him he won’t need his gun.

In real time, Rick and co are camped next to a car. Carl is asleep inside and Rick and Michonne are snacking on the rabbit they caught earlier. They hear something in the woods but figure it’s nothing. It’s nothing until Joe’s gun is pointed to Rick’s head and he’s saying “you screwed up, asshole.” He really didn’t, though. His plan worked pretty well. If I was passing out on a floor, I may remember a handsome Rick Grimes face but in the state he was in, yuck. So Joe declares this Rick’s day of reckoning and here’s what I don’t get. If one of them breaks a rule, they get beaten to death by the others in the group. It was really only a matter of time before Joe asked the dead group member why he was just having a sit on the toilet and he didn’t bullshit an answer. Why should it matter? Joe starts counting down and Daryl pops up and stops him. Why couldn’t he just claim them? Daryl says they’re good people and Joe deems him a liar and orders his goons to beat him to death. See what I mean? Joe says Daryl will get beaten to death (he was also on my death list, begrudgingly), then they’ll kill Michonne, then Carl and then Rick. Carl is being pinned down by some chubby asshole and Rick’s blood starts boiling. He reverse headbutts Joe and the gun goes off. I figured they shot Carl because I was waiting for it. I was wrong. They struggle and while in an angry embrace, Joe says “what are you going to do?” Rick thinks “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do motherfucker” and he bites out his jugular! He seriously bites out his jugular. While this is happening, poor Carl is about to get raped by that chubby asshole. Michonne and Daryl manage to kill the rest and I don’t remember how because Rick just chomped a guy and Carl’s about to get raped. Chubby asshole holds a knife to Carl’s throat and he eventually let’s him go. Rick stabs him about 800 times and Carl watches while being held by Michonne. Holy shit.

Flashback to the prison and Hershel is about to teach Rick how to farm. It’s important he learns since his war is over and he can teach Carl. Hershel tells Rick that Carl needs his father to show him the way. He shot that boy and he’s capable, but Rick needs to show him that you can come back from the things you’ve done and be a relatively normal person. Hershel asks the questions: what’s Carl’s way and what’s Rick’s?

The next morning, Carl is sleeping on Michonne’s lap while she strokes his hair. We see the opening scene play out again and Daryl approaches, giving Rick a rag to clean his bloody face. He explains that he didn’t know just how bad they were. He says he got out with Beth and she’s just gone. Those guys found him and they have a code. He tells Rick how Joe told him about some guy who killed his friend and that they were looking for him. Rick tells Daryl that they’re brothers and Daryl consoles him saying anyone would’ve done what he had. Carl and Michonne hear every bit.

Back on the tracks the group heads closer to Terminus. They decide to go through the woods so they scope them out. Rick steps on something that looks like it could’ve been a trap. Carl goes off with Michonne and she lets him know that she also had to do bad things. She gives the history of her pets and that she didn’t feel sorry for letting them turn because they could’ve stopped the attack but getting high was top priority. She was just another monster until Andrea, Rick and Carl brought her back. Carl isn’t afraid of his dad but he’s afraid of what he’s becoming. But what is he supposed to become? An accountant?

Rick decides they’re going to make their move so they hop the fence and some creepy music plays. This isn’t going to be good. We hear that recording we’ve been hearing all season. A guy named Gareth introduces himself the same exact way as Mary did. Ironically, Rick answers the same as Maggie. They examine their weapons and take them outside to make them a plate. They meet Mary, who is still cooking (Beth) away on the grill. Rick notices a familiar orange backpack. When Michonne asks why they let people in, Rick notices a guy in riot gear, a girl in an awesome poncho and a pair of khakis with a pocket watch attached. Alex says that when more people join, they get stronger. Yeah, because they’re eating them. Protein.

Flashback to the prison again and Patrick is playing with Legos while Carl cleans and reassembles his gun like a man. Rick tells him to come out and help him but leave the gun behind.

Rick grabs Alex and holds his gun to his head. Gareth lies, saying that the riot gear came from a dead cop and the poncho was on a clothesline. Too bad Joe isn’t still around. Gareth does some fancy hand signals and it’s on. Alex gets shot in the head and the group takes off. They’re being herded like cattle through Terminus. They run past a cage with bones on top of a tarp. They hear screaming and “help us” from some of the train cars they pass. They make their way into a room filled with candles. On the wall, “never again. never trust. we first, always.” What happened to these people? Names are scribbled on the floor and Rick says the shots are all at their feet. They make their way out and as they approach the fence, they’re surrounded. Carl is in shock. Rightly so; he’s had a pretty traumatic 24 hours.

Gareth tells Rick to go to the train car. He does. Then Daryl and Michonne. Carl stands there alone and maybe this is it. Nope and Carl goes to the train car as well. Rick looks down and sees empty packs of powdered milk. Fun fact: milk is a fattener for livestock. They enter the train car and out of the darkness comes Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, a familiar looking girl and three strangers. Another fun fact: livestock are kept sedentary in dark, confined spaces. Sound familiar?

Back at the prison, Rick, Carl and Hershel are working on their farming. Back at Terminus, Gareth is also working on his. And like a scene from a cheesy action film, Rick delivers the final lines: they’ll feel pretty stupid when they find out they’re messing with the wrong people.

Does Rick plan on ripping out all of the jugulars atTerminus? Will we find Beth or parts of her rotating on a a spit? Where are Tyreese, Carol and the baby? Who will be the first to go in Season 5? Leave your feedback

Have a great spring and summer and if you miss me in the interim, catch my picture in the May issue of Runner’s World! Shameless plug. Until next time…

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Wrong People to Mess WithPosted by JT

walking-dead-season-4-teaser-poster__140331030608Walking Dead Official’s post mortem on the finale with Robert Kirkman and panel to screen comparison (COMIC SPOILERS).

The Hollywood Reporter’s season 4 finale coverage with Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman and news on cast promotions.

Inside 4.16 A

Making Of 4.16 A

Season 5 Cast Speculation

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Who Will Survive?Posted by JT

Terminus-Poster-02Andrew Lincoln talks to the New York Post about the season 4 finale.

Norman Reedus takes Entertainment’s Weekly Pop Culture test.

Scott Gimple talks to Forbes about the creation of “The Grove” and about life in the writer’s room, spoilerphobia, and what to watch for in the season 4 finale.

Christian Serratos talks the twisted season 4 finale with Pop Sugar.

Josh McDermitt promises great Terminus reveal talking to MTV News.

The cast and EP’s weigh in on the season 4 finale with The Hollywood Reporter.  The Hollywood Reporter theorizes on Gareth. (COMIC SPOILERS)

The cast on why they’re a family with Access Hollywood.

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Push It to the LimitPosted by JT

glenn-who-will-arriveRobert Kirkman talks to Entertainment Weekly and warns that Rick Grimes will be pushed to his limit.

Norman Reedus talks to The Hollywood Reporter and breaks down Daryl and Beth’s epic journey.

Entertainment Tonight get to know more about Josh McDermitt.  He talks to AMC about modeling his character on a close family member and the secret truth about his mullet.

Daily Dead shares an early look at the 3rd series of The Walking Dead Comic action figures from Macfarlane Toys and news about the companion series.

Huffington Post shares pictures from a DeviantART user of Disney princesses and princes getting Walking Dead makeovers.

Fox News shares news of a Philadelphia brewing company releasing a new beer with real goat brains to coincide with the season finale of The Walking Dead.


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Episode 141: “Us” (S4E15)Posted by Jason

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.13.53 AMJoin us with special guest Melissa Hutchison, aka the voice of Clementine in Telltale’s acclaimed The Walking Dead video game series (and all-around fabulous person) as we discuss this week’s episode. Also Melissa answers all your questions, and learn how you can win a replica of the hat that Clementine wears in the game! That plus news, your feedback, and more.

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