Very Big, Loud and ScaryPosted by JT

Andrew Lincoln talked to EW, The Daily Beast and Hollywood Reporter about his take on Rick’s big speech, getting zombie blood poured on him in freezing cold weather, and a possible future love connection with Jessie.

Scott Gimple teases the 6th season. (via

Norman Reedus talked to EW about the finale, as well as the season as a whole, and what he knows about next season.

Lennie James talked to Yahoo TV about why the new Zen Morgan came looking for Rick, how producers have been trying to bring him back into the mix throughout the entire series, how Morgan and Rick need a deep catch-up chat in Season 6, and his interest in sticking around for a regular stint.

Steven Yeun talked to Variety the day after the finale to give his take on why Glenn made the decision to let Nicholas live, what Glenn represents in the world of the zombie apocalypse, why he wishes everyone could binge watch the show and how he thinks the first meeting between Glenn and Morgan might go down.

Gale Ann Hurd talked to Hollywood Reporter and EW to break down the events of the finale and get an early glance at season six.

Nathan Fillion’s love letter to The Walking Dead (via

Michael Cudlitz talked to MTV News about what it was like filming the Trial of Rick Grimes, as well as his thoughts on what’s coming next in Alexandria.

Josh McDermitt joined the For The Win podcast to discuss the show’s thrilling season finale, his character’s development in season 5, and whether a hot air balloon would make for a good escape method in the event of a zombie apocalypse. (via USA Today)

Co-executive producer, Denise Huth talked to EW and gave them the behind-the-scenes scoop on both the finale and the season as a whole.

Danai Gurira talked to Yahoo TV to discuss that noggin-thumpin’ she laid on Rick, whether or not Michonne is prepared to take over for the Ricktatorship, and how she predicts fans are not ready for this season ender.

9 Ways to Get Your Zombie Fix After ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale (via

Zombie Prank on Subway Freaks Out Riders

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Episode 179: “Conquer” (S5E15)Posted by Jason


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.00.35 AM

A fine episode to cap off what has been my (Jason’s) favorite season of the show so far. Join us as we go in-depth on “Conquer.”

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We’ll see you in a couple of weeks with our Game of Microphones episode covering GoT S5E1, and then soon after with our WD S5 wrap-up crossover with Chris and Jason from the Talking Dead podcast!

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Don’t get on Rick or Carol’s bad side!

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.07.44 PM

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Promises of Losses, Twists and Turns MadePosted by JT

Norman Reedus tells ABC News fan can expect twists and turns in the finale.  He also talks to Access Hollywood.

Gale Ann Hurd talks potential deaths and the return of the Ricktatorship with Variety. She talks to MTV News about why Carol’s abusive past keeps coming up, and what it all means for the group.  She promises sad losses in the finale talking to Entertainment Weekly.

Melissa McBride talks to Yahoo TV about how proud she is of Carol’s evolution and preparing for that harsh pantry showdown with Sam. She also discusses Carol’s cardigan-filled wardrobe and why “Carol the Cookie Lady” didn’t just take care of the abusive Pete herself.

Sonequa Martin-Green talks to Yahoo TV about how Sasha is addicted to killing walkers, both loving and rejecting Tyreese’s legacy, why Sasha has become a loner inside the group, and whether the “jam-packed” Season 5 finale might force her to reconnect with the Grimes gang.

Access Hollywood spoke with Christian Serratos about the developments we’ve seen with Rosita this season, which job she’d like to see her character take and what we can expect in the finale.

Steven Yeun previews the finale with Entertainment Weekly.

Danai Gurira talks about the rising drama in Alexandria with Hollywood Reporter.

Josh McDermitt reveals The Walking Dead’s dirty, sweaty secrets talking to E! Online.

Michael Cudlitz drinking coffee and killing zombies with UPROXX.

Hollywood Reporter critiques the stumbled storytelling this season.

New York Post list five characters it hopes are killed off before the finale ends.

Comic Book lists 5 actors who could play Negan when he finally shows up.

MTV lists the 7 foods you must have for your Walking Dead finale party.

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Episode 178: “Try” (S5E15)Posted by Jason


Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.30.37 PMDomestic abuse, PTSD, and teen love this week. So much fun! Plus Comic Talk, feedback, news, and more.

Last day to vote in the 10th Annual Podcast Awards! Been meaning to vote? Here’s your last chance to throw us one. Go to and choose Walking Dead ‘Cast in the Entertainment category. Let’s wrap this thing up! We’ll know the results in a few weeks. Appreciate your support :)

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Don’t go nuts and threaten everyone in town!

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I’m Not Going to Stand By…..Posted by JT

Andrew Lincoln breaks down that epic fight scene with Entertainment Weekly.

Tyler James Williams explains why he appreciated his death scene, how he got into the mindset of someone with nothing left to lose, and what he learned from Andrew Lincoln about the craft of acting talking to Under the Radar Magazine.

Canada’s Hello Magazine gets Christian Serratos to reveal some secrets from ‘The Walking Dead’ set.

Finale Sneak Peek

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Episode 177: Charlie AdlardPosted by Jason


news_illustre_1391030298_835As a special bonus episode, The Walking Dead ‘Cast teams up with our Internet children, Grace and Mr. Blahg of Under the Comic Covers, to bring you another interview with Charlie Adlard, artist of The Walking Dead.

We discuss A New Beginning and the intricacies of aging famililar characters, we talk about White Death, the AP edition of All Out War, Grace follows up on The Passenger, his yet to be released sci-fi book, and we find out that he hasn’t yet seen the fifth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to chat with Charlie again, and we hope you all enjoy the interview!

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This is the BeginningPosted by JT

Tyler James Williams talked to Access Hollywood about leaving the hit AMC show, how his friends reacted to Noah’s gruesome end, and what he can’t wait to see now that he can watch “The Walking Dead” as a fan.  He talked to Yahoo TV about his gruesome death scene and how it’s going to impact Glenn, how the death was originally planned to be way more graphic, and his new role on CBS’s upcoming Criminal Minds spinoff.

Entertainment Weekly shares news of Robert Kirkman talking about details of the spin-off series.  EW has the exclusive cover reveal of Robert Kirkman’s latest novel, The Walking Dead: Invasion.

Full breakdown of Daryl’s brutal new ‘Frankenstein’ motorcycle (via and

Melissa McBride had a Twitter Q&A with fans where she talked about her favorite part of Carol’s development and most difficult scene. (via WetPaint)

Michael Cudlitz talked to Yahoo TV about what’s motivating Abraham after his D.C. dreams were dashed, why Abraham is more at ease when life is in chaos.

Josh McDermitt chatted with FOX411 about his fear of being killed off each episode and his unexpected side hobby.

Alanna Masterson called into Entertainment Weekly Radio to talk about recent developments on the show, whether she fell asleep during her coma scenes, if she is worried about her character’s long-term safety.

CineFix has released a 4-minute animated recap of the first two seasons of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” that shows just how awesome the series would be as a retro video game. (via

Deadline shares news of Greg Nicotero inking a new deal with AMC.

IGN shares news of Robert Kirkman talking about Overkill’s Walking Dead game.

Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 3 Confirmed (via

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Episode 176: “Spend” (S5E14)Posted by Jason


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.44.50 AMMy and Karen’s views on this ep were diametrically opposed. Can you guess who liked it and who not so much? Any way you slice it, it was one motherdicking intense episode. As an awesome bonus, we’re joined by guest Duncan McPherson, our friend and a Walker Stalker Con team member. Plus another meaty Comic Talk section with Grace and Mr. Blahg of, news, and your feedback.

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Be careful in revolving doors!

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Sending a Fax to ClevelandPosted by JT

5glennJosh McDermitt talked to Access Hollywood about Eugene’s Alexandria life and thoughts a beard-free Rick Grimes.

Steven Yeun talks about Glenn’s big episode with Entertainment Weekly.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Tyler James Williams about Noah’s fate, and how the character’s death will impact Glenn and the impending clash with Alexandria.

See where the latest deaths rank among E!’s death gallery.

The Daily Beast gets an inside on The Walking Dead spin-off companion series.

Hidden Remote’s 21 ways The Walking Dead and The Game of Thrones are the same show.

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You Still Want Those CookiesPosted by JT

AMC shares the recipe to make your own batch of Carol’s cookies.

Melissa McBride addressed Carol’s latest problem with a child, her character blending in and the Daryl/Aaron horse scenes with Access Hollywood.  She talks about Carol’s big threat with Entertainment Weekly.

Gale Ann Hurd talks with Comic Book about the show and the companion series.

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