Survival OddsPosted by JT

Scott M. Gimple and Robert Kirkman weigh in on Carol talking to The Hollywood Reporter.  The cast and crew talk about the group’s odds for survival.

Steven Yeun talks about Glenn’s transformation, the increasing presence of Asian Americans on television with Vanity Fair.

Sonequa Martin-Green filled Pop Sugar in on how Terminus will figure into upcoming episodes after that explosive season premiere.

Alanna Masterson gives inside scoop talking to People Magazine.

Chad Coleman talks to Forbes about Tyreese’s hard choice, his relationship with Rick, and the episode that tops ‘The Grove’.


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We’re the SamePosted by JT

Scott Gimple tells The Hollywood Reporter about that mysterious villain.

Greg Nicotero recaps the premiere episode he directed with Entertainment Weekly, while Andrew J. West talks Gareth and those shocking Terminus flashbacks.

Melissa McBride and Sonequa Martin-Green go behind the tear-jerking reunion scene with MTV.

Chad L. Coleman gives MTV the scoop on pulling off that cabin scene and talks Tyreese’s ‘pretty raw’ moment with Entertainment Weekly.

Recap of Steven Yeun’s interview on Ellen. (Recapo, Audrey Magazine)

Bad Lip Reading Part 2

Making of 5.01

Inside 5.01

Sneak Peek at 5.02

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Butcher or CattlePosted by JT

Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple break down the premiere and answer burning questions with Entertainment Weekly.

Andrew Lincoln tells The Hollywood Reporter Rick is a complete warrior this season.

Lauren Cohan calls the season 5 premiere the best episode yet talking to Entertainment Weekly.

Danai Gurira tells MTV that Michonne will shed armor this season.

Scott Gimple on the truth about Terminus and the road ahead with TV Guide.  He dissects the premiere with The Hollywood Reporter and talks about the return of a fan favorite.

Josh McDermitt teases a change in the Ricktatorship talking to Hollywood Life.  He tease a zombie cure with The Wrap.

Michael Cudlitz, Christian Serratos and Josh McDermitt weigh in on whether they’ll make it to Washington D.C. with MTV.

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Episode 156: “No Sanctuary” (S5E1) + Andrew J. West (Gareth)Posted by Jason


Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 7.12.17 PMSeason five is upon us, and things more more “screwed” up than ever! Join us for an enlightening and fun talk with Andrew J West, who put in an amazing performance this episode as the cold-hearted-yet-complicated Gareth. Then settle in for our discussion of this action-packed premiere.

We also bring you the latest news about TWD, the return of Gracie Lou and Mr. Blahg’s Comic Talk section comparing the comic to the show, and as always, your delicious feedback.

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Don’t get slit!

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First 4 MinutesPosted by JT

First 4 Minute of Season 5

Josh McDermitt talks to Zap 2 It about Eugene.  He talks about the mullet having its own fan base with The Canadian Press.

Andrew Lincoln talks about the show’s growing darker progression with Time Magazine.  He talks about Rick struggling with his demons with Zap 2 It.  He previews the premiere with MTV.

Norman Reedus talks about the bond between Daryl and Carol with Entertainment Weekly.  He talks to ET Online about the emotional and crazy season 5.

Danai Gurira talks about Michonne adjusting to a big group and new faces with Entertainment Weekly.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution piece with Melissa McBride.  She talks to Boston Herald.

LA Times piece on the show.

HuffPost Canada TV spoke with Michael Cudlitz about the craziness that’s about to go down in the Season 5 premiere and beyond.

Emily Kinney talks about surviving a zombie apocalypse and writing songs with Spin Magazine.

Chad Coleman and Sonequa Martin-Green talk season 5 with The Canadian Press. Sonequa talks with The Wrap about season 5 and her pregnancy. Coleman talks to Indie Wire.

Robert Kirkman tells Entertainment Weekly what’s coming up.  He and Scott Gimple preview the premiere with The Hollywood Reporter.

Lauren Cohan is Dead Sexy in interview with Nylon Guys Magazine.

Robert Kirkman talks to Greg Nicotero

and Emily Kinney

Steven Yeun on season 5 threats with The Wrap

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Shotgun WeddingPosted by JT

Steven Yeun talked to Comic Book and reveals when Glenn and Maggie’s wedding happened.

Josh McDermitt talked about Eugene, season five, and his famous mullet with LA Confidential Magazine.  He explains how he landed the role of his dreams and his subsequent inspiration for Eugene with Under the Radar Magazine.

Alanna Masterson reflects on her Tara’s evolution, her expectations when joining the show, and how she deals with misaddressed fan mail with Under the Radar Magazine.

Emily Kinney talked about season 5 and more with Channel Guide Magazine.

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Six Seasons and a MoviePosted by JT

AMC renews The Walking Dead for a sixth season.

Lauren Cohan talks to Entertainment Weekly about getting goosebumps from the season 5 premiere.  Danai Gurira on how she’d fare in a real sword fight.  Gale Ann Hurd on the show’s most ambitious episodes.  Steven Yuen on being a leader in season 5.

Chad Coleman talks to Under the Radar Magazine about playing Tyreese.

Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride talk to Access Hollywood about their characters’ evolution.

Emily Kinney talks to Billboard about The Walking Dead and Tom Waits.

Robert Kirkman talks to Danai Gurira

and Chandler Riggs

and Melissa McBride

and Lauren Cohan and Gale Ann Hurd

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Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers issue #5Posted by Jason

A_frontcoverJust wanted to let you Kirk Manley fans know that the next issue of Z-Girls and the 4 Tigers will be out soon. This issue, Z-Girl #5, wraps up the first story arc.

Kirk and writer Jeff Marsick are premiering the issue at New York Comic-Con (Oct 9-12) where there’ll be an exclusive special Zombified cover variant edition available. They’re exhibiting in the small press area booth #1355 across from Marvel.

And you can always catch up on Z-Girl by getting back issues (either print or digital) from

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Episode 155: Season Four Rewatch, Pt 2Posted by Jason


the_walking_dead_season_4_wallpaper_papel_de_pared_by_twdmeuvicio-d6ob3rz1Join us this ep as we review the second half of season 4, one of my personal favorite stretches of episodes. So intense.

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Finally, we announce a new contest. Correctly guess which of the main characters will die firs in Season 5 and you can win one of Kirk Manley’s awesome Walking Dead tribute posters.

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You’re An AnimalPosted by JT

Lauren Cohan tells Entertainment Weekly that the characters are all animals, Chad Coleman tells EW why Tyreese is still struggling and Emily Kinney tries not to reveal any secrets playing EW’s GOTCHA!

Michael Cudlitz talks to LA Times about the upcoming season.

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