Episode 187: Mike Carey (The Girl With All the Gifts)Posted by Jason


GWATG-reviewsFor months now you’ve heard me go on and on about Mike Carey’s zombie novel, The Girl With All the Gifts. It’s one of my favorite books in any genre, and I’ve gotten messages of thanks from a lot of you smart people who took my advice and read it. The main course of today’s podcast, from 30:33 to 1:08:22, is an interview with Mike Carey, who also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming movie adaptation. Mike talks about:
• How the idea for the novel came about.
• What it was like being on set and working on the movie.
• His thoughts on writing from a child’s perspective.
• Director Colm McCarthy’s commitment to hiring a diverse cast for the movie.
• His thoughts on the ending of the book.
• How you can read an additional chapter of the book online.
• A tease about his next book, Fellside, due out next April.
• And much more!

Mike is as well spoken as he is a terrific writer, and I know all you TGWATG fans will dig this. And if you haven’t read the book yet, we tried to keep things spoiler-light in the first several minutes of the interview. In the meantime, here’s our Amazon link: The Girl With All the Gifts

Also in this episode, Karen gives her thoughts on the recent trailers for FTWD and TWD S6, plus news, and your terrific feedback!

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Next join me, Melissa, and Duncan about a week before the FTWD premiere, around August 18, for a preview of that series!

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Episode 186: FTWD/TWD Comic-Con News + 5-Year Anniversary!Posted by Jason


fear-walking-dead-premiereFive years ago today, Karen and I published our first episode of The Walking Dead ‘Cast…. Woo HOO! :) It’s been fun and fulfilling and challenging too, and we appreciate all y’all for taking this ride with us. This episode, Karen and I reminisce a bit about podcasting highlights over the last five years. But mostly, since Mr. Blahg and Petey Cinderson and I just got back from Comic-Con, the three of us cover all the recent FTWD and TWD news in detail, plus highlights of Walker Stalker Fan Fest.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 8.42.54 PMIf you get a chance, please fill out our listener survey at podsurvey.com/deadcast to help us find advertisers that you like and aren’t annoyed by :) Plus you get a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

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No Idea Who You’re Talking ToPosted by JT

The season 6 premiere date is October 11th. (via E! Online)

Scott M. Gimple promises ‘multiple threats’ in season 6 talking with Entertainment Weekly.

Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride and Greg Nicotero talk about season6 with ComicBook.com

Flicks and the City brings you the Walking Dead SDCC panel.

‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Trainer, Theresa Beyer reveals how to walk the undead walk talking to The Huffington Post.

Skybound editorial director Sean Mackiewicz addresses the shocking Walking Dead twist that occurs in the most recent comic. (via IGN)

Fear the Walking Dead gets a premiere date and trailer. (via E! Online)


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Knock KnockPosted by JT

qvsvFU3Scott M. Gimple says backstory to the comic will be revealed in season talking to Entertainment Weekly.

Entertainment Weekly exclusive first season 6 look at Rick Grimes.

Lauren Cohan talks about her on-screen battle with zombies, and off-screen relationship to fans with W Magazine.

Fear the Walking Dead showrunner, David Erickson promises ‘psychological tension’ talking to Entertainment Weekly.


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Run Up to SDCCPosted by JT

Greg Nicotero Promises a “Bold” Season 6 Premiere (via Collider Videos)

Season 5 DVD details (via Coming Soon)

Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson revealed how he and creator Robert Kirkman approached the storytelling in the new companion series (via Entertainment Weekly)

Entertainment Weekly exclusive first season 6 images of Daryl, Glenn, and Maggie

‘Conan’ heading to Comic-Con with ‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Thrones,’ ‘Walking Dead’ casts (via LA Times)

Zombie-themed ‘Walking Dead’ cruise setting sail in January (via Fox News)

Andrew Lincoln Teases Season 6 at the Saturn Awards

Reports in Five States: Fear the Walking Dead: Series Premiere

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185: Poltergeist (1982) + Our Favorite Scenes From TWDPosted by Jason


Poltergeist-movieNostalgic episode this week as we look back on our (and your) favorite scenes from The Walking Dead so far. Plus we cover the 1982 horror classic Poltergeist, the latest news about TWD and FTWD, and your thoughts.

If you’re coming to Walker Stalker Con or are in the Orlando area, come hang out with Jason at the Orlando Hyatt Regency hotel lobby bar at 6:30pm on Saturday, June 27. The hotel is at 9801 International Drive. But check Twitter beforehand (@jasonandkaren), because I might try to find a place a little closer to the con.

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Greeting From Set: The Walking Dead: Season 6Posted by JT

Fear the Walking Dead: First Look Promo


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Closer and CloserPosted by JT

AMC’s First Look Photos of Fear the Walking Dead

Season 6 Art Hints at a Big Showdown (via E! Online)

Robert Kirkman promises ‘zero woods’ on Fear the Walking Dead (via Entertainment Weekly)

Mow down zombies as Michonne in new The Walking Dead video game adventure (via Blastr)

Gameplay Footage Of Overkill’s ‘Walking Dead’ FPS From E3 (via UPROXX) and might feature some familiar faces (via IDigitalTimes)

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Episode 184: Abby NormalPosted by Jason


youngfrankenstein3Big meaty ep this week. If you just want to hear the latest news on TWD and FTWD (and there’s plenty of it), listen from 5:03 to 16:53. Otherwise, this is our palate-cleansing, happy-happy-joy-joy-focused episode with our review the Mel Brooks/Gene Wilder 70’s comedy classic Young Frankenstein, the top five things that make us happy (and a lot that you guys told us makes you happy too, and some Stuff That’s Great that we’ve gotten into lately.

If you’re into Game of Thrones, don’t forget to check out our GoT podcast, Game of Microphones! Next week we cover the season five finale! gameofmicrophones.com

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Nothing to FearPosted by JT

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on the first Season 6 casting news.

Entertainment Weekly has exclusive photos and intel from Robert Kirkman about the timelines of both shows matching up.

Fear The Walking Dead: Everything We Know So Far (via ComicBook.com)

Variety talks to Walking Dead Cinematographer Michael Satrazemis on the taxing Season5 finale.

Time and the Philadelphia Inquirer report on the successful zombie fighting tool KickStarter campaign.

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